How to Recognize an Exceptional Monument Company

Exceptional monument companies understand that their clients usually have little experience choosing memorial markers and are often emotionally fragile. As a result, businesses like Evans Monument Company compassionately guide client choices. They help them choose from a wide range of hand-crafted, quality memorials and offer expert installation.

Fine Monument Makers Adapt to Client Needs

Memorial craftsmen can design anything from a simple granite headstone to an elaborate custom piece. They use design software that combines art and technology. Experts understand cemetery requirements and restrictions, which helps them guide customer choices. Some cemeteries allow only simple markers, while others can accommodate mausoleums, vertical memorials, and estate monuments. When burial sites allow, specialists can build and install custom family markers with columns, benches, and graceful engraving. They will add photos, vases, and artwork. However, even their simplest bronze grave markers are elegantly formed, decorated, and lettered.

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The Best Monument Companies Guarantee Quality

Established monument businesses use the finest materials and processes. Their memorials are crafted from high quality stone that is free from artificial coloring. Every piece they make is hand crafted to clients’ specifications. Work is not considered complete until customers have given their final approval. In addition, memorials include warranties. If material or craftsmanship flaws cause damages, the pieces are replaced without charge to customers.

Quality Businesses Provide Custom Installation

The finest companies provide expert delivery and installation of monuments in any desired location. They often travel around the globe in order to install custom pieces. Since memorials are typically made from heavy materials like stone or bronze, professionals deliver and install them using specially-adapted equipment. They can also lay the concrete foundations that keep monuments stable and that are required by most cemeteries. Workmen use truck-mounted hydraulic cranes to set memorials in place. They ensure that clients approve their work before they finish. If clients live out of town, they are mailed photos of completed projects so that they can approve them.

Fine monument makers have the skills and technology to create and install virtually any memorial clients need. They work with a wide variety of fine materials and hand-craft their markers. In addition, specialists can deliver and install monuments of any size and guarantee that finished projects meet client expectations.


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